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Aurora – Riser recliner chair

Aurora rise and recliner chairs are designed to provide coping, security and well-being to the elderly and disabled. Chairs with a reclining function provide a safe lift and will help you up and out of the chair so that you can participate in your own everyday life.

Lift chairs

In the new Aurora series, all the chairs come with a swing function. The swing trigger has been given a better grip and has become easier to handle. In addition to manual swing, there is the possibility of electric swing for those who have reduced strength in their hands.

Aurora is available in five widths from 40 to 60 cm. In addition, we have an exquisite selection of accessories that make the chairs very adaptable.

With a standard USB charger in the chair, your phone, tablet or other welfare technology equipment will be easily accessible, even while you are charging. In addition, the chair has a sock plate that does not get in the way of the heels when you have to pull your legs well under you for getting out of the chair when standing up. Aurora chairs can fit any home and will seem timeless. The materials are made of fabric, leather and oak, and recognizable from the furniture and interior design market. In this way, the chair becomes a natural part of the living room.
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Aurora models

Aurora Standard: individual adjustment of back and foot cushion. Suitable for anyone who needs a lift chair.

Aurora Tilt: the models are the most advanced of our models. The chair can be tilted all the way back in a lying position for optimal relief. All our Tilt models can be tilted back in shock, ie the legs are higher than the head. The chair is suitable for those who spend large parts of the day in the chair, and need varied relief. Changing the sitting position is important to avoid pressure ulcers.

Aurora Synchronous: The footrest and back move synchronously, so that the hip is loaded as little as possible when you change position. The chair relieves your legs while watching TV or reading.
This chair is especially suitable for cognitively weak users.

We also have a wide selection of accessories such as neck pillows, back pillows, incontinence covers, etc. to be able to adapt the rise and recliner chairs to each individual need. For a full overview, see the brochure.
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A safe lift

A safe lift will help you up and out of the chair so that you can participate in your own everyday life. We consider participation as one of the most important factors in achieving well-being, but also know that well-being and comfort are crucial.

Using the latest foam technology, you can sit down with a good cup of coffee or book and experience the comfort of a foam that provides good relief and support over a longer period of time. For additional comfort, we recommend the tilt model, which tilts safely back in the resting position, but also all the way back in the shock position.

In your home, the Aurora will look like a modern but timeless classic. The chair has clean lines and fabric with subtle nuances so that it looks brand new even after prolonged use. We have designed the chair using fabrics, leather and oak trim - materials commonly used in furniture and interior design - so it will blend in as a natural part of your living room décor.
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We want you to be able to manage your everyday activities, so it’s important that our products are easy to understand and user friendly. For this reason, we have simplified the new Aurora user’s manual by using contrasting colours, pictograms and text that clearly visualise the features of the chair and make it easy to understand how to operate it.