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Active and safe in all stages of life

Technical aids and welfare technology for children, young adults and adults

Breaking down barriers

When you have impaired mobility and need help, it can be trying. ​At Hepro, we’re quite familiar with this.

We have 30 years of experience designing products to help people live more independently. Our goal is to improve your coping skills, safety and quality of life ​through our mobility aids.

For us, this endeavour is personal.
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Technical aids for adults and children

Disability and the need for help can feel difficult. We at Hepro know a lot about that. Since 1987, we have been making products that help people manage on their own.

Our goal is to provide mastery, security and well-being through functional products. As a consequence, many can then manage on their own, participate actively in their own everyday lives and stay longer at home.
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Welfare technology

Welfare and Digital Health Technology is all about creating safety, comfort and good daily life, that patients and residents can cope with.

Hepro wishes to give people with health challenges the ability and possibility to live at home as long as possible.
We want to give them the experience and feeling of freedom, and the ability to cope alone, while looking after their safety and the necessary framework for their everyday. New needs continuously arise during the cycle of our lives, and Hepro as a supplier, is therefore focused on making available new solutions and services that meet these needs.

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