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Welfare & Digital Health Technology

​Welfare & Digital Health Technology is all about creating safety, comfort and good daily life, that patients and residents can cope with.

Hepro wishes to give people with health challenges the ability and possibility to live at home as long as possible.
We want to give them the experience and feeling of freedom, and the ability to cope alone, while looking after their safety and the necessary framework for their everyday. New needs continuously arise during the cycle of our lives, and Hepro as a supplier, is therefore focused on making available new solutions and services that meet these needs.

For over 33 years, Hepro has developed tailored products for our customers and partners, and we know that user friendliness is a key to success. Our task as supplier of Welfare & Digital Health Technology is to understand the needs of the recipients and users of the service, while also working to deliver effective and quality implementation to the health service, both public and private.

​As supplier, and in cooperation with our partners, we develop and make available excellent and effective tools for health staff.
Health staff want to focus on what is important, namely the care of patients and residents. To this very end, we provide them with the tools and the time to do just that.

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Hepro Respons

Hepro offers a comprehensive Welfare & Digitial Health Technology solution, Hepro Respons, that can be used by institutions, care homes, domiciliary care, and home users – regardless of location.

Hepro Respons is a seamless and scaleable platform for all types of health and welfare technology. The solution is Cloud based (SaaS), and comprises; a Response Center solution, a Welfare & Digital Health Technology platform, and an Administration back office, all part of one and the same solution.

We work closely with the industry, our partners and suppliers, always seeking to improve and develop our platform, so that we can continue to offer relevant and forward-thinking solutions – regardless of size and scope.

Hepro Respons velferdsteknologiplattform
Hepro Respons welfare technology platfrom

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