The ‘Aging in Place’ or ‘Aging at Home’ segment is growing due to Canada’s aging population and the investment it’s receiving from health care systems and government. The needs in the Canadian senior’s care sector has led to innovations in products and services however they require strong business backing to make an impact within the system.

Earlier in the summer Hepro entered into a strategic Partnership agreement with Bay Area Health Trust and Live Easy Inc. based in Ontaria, Canada.

The main focus of this cooperation is around the Hepro product; Gripo, a support pole, with unique user qualities and functions, designed to fit into the home environment, without being ‘in the way’ or appearing overly ‘clinical’.

Bay Area Health Trust (, a Hamilton, Ontario based company that operates life science businesses with the goal of returning value to its beneficiaries including Hamilton Health Sciences, announced earlier this year, that it has entered into an agreement with Live Easy Inc., a sales and management consultation and operations company with thirty years of experience within the Canadian senior’s living and aging in place market. The Live Easy Inc. (“LEI”) and Bay Area Health Trust (“BAHT”) relationship represents a new approach – a focused boutique business backed by health care bona fides, attracting both high quality manufacturers and service providers.

Hepro is delighted to have entered this Partnership, and with the goods now having arrived in Canada, the work starts to get the message out, educate and inform users, and work together to make Aging in Place a reality for so many more.

Jim Closs of LEI and James Jacobs (Export Manager) of Hepro, will continue cooperating over the coming days, and are excited to use the Gripo in the facilitation of elderly care, while also helping to give people the option of staying at home with the dignity, safety and comfort they so deserve.

Please contact either Jim or James to find out more about how we can help you, and those you want to help.

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