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Krabat Sheriff

The Krabat Sheriff is an active children’s wheelchair for indoor and outdoor use for children aged 2-14 years.

The wheelchair is suitable for children with a variety of diagnoses and is available in two sizes. The design of the saddle seat gives the child a more upright position ideal for use in kindergarten an school.

Physiological benefits of sitting on a saddle seat:

By opening the angle of the hips, the pelvis is neutrally positioned. With the pelvis neutral the natural S-curvature of the spine can be maintained over time. All major joints in the lower extremities become centered, which promotes normal muscle tone and muscle length. The hip joint is in its resting position in which the femoral head is positioned inside the hip socket. The sitting position in the saddle seat can prevent complications such as muscle contractures, hip pain and subluxations. The saddle seat enhances an active, upright position rather than a passive, slumped one.


Black wheelchair with textile in color:

  • red
  • black
  • sand

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