Hepro is delighted to announce a partner agreement with Careium, for the sales of Nattugla.

Nattugla is the optimal tool for digital supervision for health care professionals. Nattugla is equipped with a high-end camera for visual supervision and the high-quality audio unit for crystal clear two-way communication. The product has built in AI-powered smart alarms such as fall detection, abandoned bed, abandoned chair, too long in the bathroom and left the room. These smart alarms make the Nattugla a safe and innovative solution for institutions, assisted living, and independent living, where the municipality wishes to conduct digital supervision, for example at night. The mission of Nattugla is to bring safety, comfort and warm-care to those needing our care, while providing health and care staff, the care-givers, with a ‘state of the art’ TEC solution.

Careium (previously known as Doro Care) is offering quality-assured, cost-effective, digital security solutions that let their users live a richer and more independent life for longer. Careium is the market leader in technology enabled care across Europe, currently providing around 400,000 people with their services.

“We are very happy that we have signed a partner agreement with Hepro regarding their product, Nattugla (Nightowl). Our partnership aligns very well with our established strategy to provide our customers and users with strong and innovative solutions. The “Nightowl” is a great addition to our already strong product portfolio,”

says Martin Puumalainen, Chief Commercial Officer in Careium Group.

“We are delighted to have agreed a partner agreement with Careium for the expansion and sales of Nattugla. Starting in the Nordics, before branching out further afield, we are confident that our partner strategy will be a great success in cooperation with the customer focus Careium has. Our companies are aligned in our belief of bringing innovative TEC solutions, through existing and reliable customer relationships, to care recipients that need a caring and proactive care provider. With this as the foundation we will be able to reach new markets too. We look forward to starting up together over the coming days,” says Geir Tore Jakobsen, CEO in Hepro.