Technical aids for kids and young adults

Innovative, functional and aesthetically pleasing technical aids for children and young adults of high quality. Within our products you will find activating aids that facilitate mastery and progress. The products were developed in collaboration with children, parents and professionals.

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Krabat Jockey active chairs

Active chairs with saddle seat and several adjustment options. The height adjustment is either operated with a remote control on the electric undercarriage or by pressing a button integrated in the handle on the manual undercarriage.

The Krabat Jockey Plus offers more support and a higher level of comfort than the other Jockey chairs. The Plus backrest supports the upper body with adjustable side supports, head support and the use of different harnesses.
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Krabat Jockey Lite

The Krabat Jockey Lite is the newest addition to the series of active children’s chairs from Krabat. The compact and modern design of the undercarriage makes it easy to use even where space is limited. The chair is height adjustable and the seat can be tilted.

The Jockey Lite comes in three sizes; size 1 for children aged 2-7 years, size 2 for children aged 7-14 years and size 3 for youth aged 14-18 years.
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Krabat Pilot

An innovative and unique type of crawling aid that supports the child in a 4-footed stance with weightbearing through the hips and shoulders. he product is different than other types of crawling aids due to its adjustable gas spring which gives the child dynamic assistance to lift their pelvis.
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Krabat Runner

The Krabat Runner is a combined kick bike and walking bike for children with disabilites from 3 years of age. The bike is available in two sizes.
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Krabat Sheriff

The Krabat Sheriff is an active children’s wheelchair for indoor and outdoor use for children aged 2-14 years. The wheelchair is suitable for children with a variety of diagnoses and is available in two sizes.

The Sheriff Plus offers more support and a higher level of comfort than its brother the Sheriff. The Plus backrest has adjustable side supports, head support and the optional use of different harnesses. The design of the saddle seat gives the child a more upright position ideal for use in kindergarten and school.
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Krabat Pirat

Krabat Pirat is a floating aid that gives the child new opportunities to be independent in the water. The child is safely secured on a padded board with a pair of trousers and an optional back strap. The child is placed in a safe and engaging position on their stomach which allows the child to be active.
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Felix is a 12-year-old boy, he has Down Syndrome. He attends regular school every day. The focus of his education is communication, language, independent play and learning ADL (Activities of daily life). In addition, there is focus on his Gross motor function. His day consists of lessons in groups and individual lessons. Felix enjoys playing with other children on playgrounds, playing ball, using his IPAD and watch TV.
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