Technical aids for adults

At Hepro, we are passionate about ensuring that everyone who wants to live longer at home. That is why we supply a number of different technical and mobility aids.

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Gripo support pole

Gripo - safety and support in your everyday activities.

Gripo is a sturdy, flexible supportive aid that helps you stand up and move around in your home. Gripo is suitable for any home and is very easy to install.

The support pole works great on its own but can also be supplemented with many useful accessories.
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Ergonomic chairs

Hepro’s ergonomic chairs are sturdy and functional. They are high quality products that you’ll enjoy many years of use from. The chairs are safe, have easily accessible control levers and come with a variety of options to adjust the seating for improved comfort.
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Rise and recliner chairs

Aurora rise and recliner chairs are designed to provide coping, security and well-being to the elderly and disabled. Chairs with a reclining function provide a safe lift and will help you up and out of the chair so that you can participate in your own everyday life.
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Hepro Trolly

The product is suitable for people who have challenges carrying items between different places indoors and people with impaired hand function.

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