Ergonomic chairs

Hepro’s ergonomic chairs are sturdy and functional. They are high quality products that you’ll enjoy many years of use from. The chairs are safe, have easily accessible control levers and come with a variety of options to adjust the seating for improved comfort.

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Hepro Luna

Hepro Luna is a work chair designed for people with reduced strength and function. It is designed to provide pressure relief, lower back support, and comfort, so that you can continue working in an office environment, or be independent at home.
The Luna G2 chair comes in 2 models; small & large. It is available with manual and electric lift.
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Hepro Kilo

The ergonomic chair with an adjustable electric seat lift stem designed for users weighing up to 230 kilos.
Kilo is a great alternative for anyone who needs an ergonomic chair that is built to withstand added weight, while improving your mobility. This is a sturdy chair with an electric seat lift stem that adjusts 10 cm. It has back-folding armrests that makes it easy to transfer to and from another chair or wheelchair.
E1 Kilo helps mobilise people who spend a lot of time sitting due to their weight. With its wide wheels, the chair rolls easily, and the sturdy wheel braces make the chair stable and secure. The angle of the backrest can be adjusted to suit your needs.
Kilo comes with a fixed, non-rotating seat.
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We have a wide selection of accessories for all our chairs. See our brochure for more information on both work chairs and accessories.

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