Gripo support pole

Gripo is a sturdy, flexible supportive aid that helps you stand up and move around in your home. Gripo is suitable for any home and is very easy to install.

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Support pole for an easier everyday life

The support pole comes in three models. Gripo Standard is the most popular model and it fits most homes with a ceiling height of 210-300 cm.

Gripo has countless areas of application and contributes to mastery and independence in everyday life. Gripo can be used by people of all ages - including children and young people.

For other needs, we have two other models.
For ceiling heights lower than 210 cm, choose Gripo Spesial.
For a ceiling height of 260 - 320 cm, choose Gripo Lang.
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Simple installation

The support pole is very easy to install, it is clamped to the floor and ceiling - without the use of tools.
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Wide selection of accessories

​The support bar works excellently on its own, but can also be supplemented with useful accessories. For a complete overview of all accessories see the brochure.
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Take a look inside our Gripo flat

We have created a 3D apartment to show the possibilities with GRIPO.
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New - Multi grip with rotation bracket

The multi grip provides the user with the ability to move 360 degrees around the pole by contributing to a safe and secure fixation point during the movement.
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New - Circular Grip

The circular grip is an accessory for Gripo support pole that has been developed to give the user the ability to move around the pole by providing a safe and secure fixation point all the way round.

The circular grip comes in two sizes.

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