"Gripo makes people more self-reliant"


Janni Klitgaard Bertelsen is an experienced occupational therapist who works, among other things, with the rehabilitation of patients with brain injuries. When Janni assists patients in their rehabilitation, her main goal is to increase their independence and improve their mobility, thereby enhancing their quality of life.

One of the frequent tasks is to assist people with transfers, especially in the bathroom. Many transfer aids require a person to unlock the device and support patient, which can be both cumbersome and time-consuming.

“Gripo is an excellent aid for independent transfers.”


Janni has been searching for a transfer aid that is safe for patients, enhances their mobility, and makes them more self-reliant. It has also been essential for the aid to provide a good working environment for healthcare personnel and to be easy to use, install, and possibly move.

When a patient needs support handles, grip bars are often mounted on the walls, but as Janni describes it, this means “that people live their lives along a wall.” Therefore, Janni wanted to find a solution that could provide people with a more natural movement pattern at home, even if they require extra support.

Janni and Gripo pole together with the Circular grip


Janni decided to try the Gripo support handle because it differs from other transfer aids that require a person to unlock and support the person. With Gripo, the patient becomes more independent in transfers, reducing the need for assistance from a caregiver.

“It also has the advantage of not being mounted on a wall but placed between the ceiling and floor,” explains Janni. This allows it to be positioned where support is needed, such as next to the bed, toilet, sink, or shower bench. Janni has particularly used the Gripo pole together with the Circular grip, which she has been very enthusiastic about, as patients get support almost 360 degrees around the support handle. “I would recommend this grip in most cases because the person can use it to move around the handle and reach almost the entire room,” she says.

Janni also finds Gripo practical to use. It can be installed without tools (using neither screws or nails to install), is easy and quick to set up, and can be moved as needed. Additionally, it can be used both in training facilities and in patients’ own homes.

But the most significant difference Janni has seen among users is that with Gripo, they feel more secure when transferring alone. In short, it provides people with more confidence, safety, and independence in their daily lives.

“Patients gain a more natural movement pattern.”